Art for inspiration and wellbeing

Get the benefits of spending time in nature by hanging a painting on your wall!
Like going for a walk in the woods, spending time by a river,
or going to a sacred place of power,
and coming back invigorated and inspired.



Temples in Nepal, 112 x 30 cm, photos and acrylic paint on canvas and earth


Place of power Ruschein, 109 x 34 cm, photos and acrylic paint on canvas and earth

For those of you interested in the new field of biogeometry - the measuring and harmonious balancing of energy quality exchange-, Tessa has had her paintings tested for energy and the effect they have on people and the results were fantastic! She says: “I was so thrilled that many were highly rated for their purity and spirituality and the landscape paintings achieved maximum points on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual”.


ORIGINALS AND PRINTS   Browse through my paintings here

Universal symbolic elements, playful reminiscences of tribal images in a modern shape.

The idea of painting on a round grounding was born from the desire to have the same natural limiting space on all sides. It also corresponds to the earth, our living space, the planets and images in mystical traditions (mandalas). Geometric figures appear in many of them as they do in ancient traditions.

astarte-bearb.jpeg         indianische spiele-bearb.jpeg


Try a new way of seeing:an unfocused gaze allows the figures to „jump“ into different dimensions.

To feel the effect of an image look at it, allow it to communicate directly, on a cellular level with your body. Feel the change. Look for differences in your breathing, temperature, muscle tension, lightness/heaviness of your body, as well as possible thoughts, associations or feeelings that come to mind while looking at it.