Aspects of creativity

Through her support and this course, I have been able to come far in my artistic projects. The course has been so motivating and uplifting. Tessa manages to balance emotional and spiritual aspects of creativity with practical knowledge and technical skill. I look forward to it every week!

Dawn, Japan

Artist's blocks

Tessa has been invaluable in helping me to identify and define what I want to do artistically and to set clear goals. Being a professional musician and artist herself, she really understands the blocks that all artists face, and has useful tools to overcome them.

A client from the US

Performing and presenting

Thanks to the coaching with Ms Richter, I was confident and successful at a customer's event, and I was excellently prepared .

Manager Swiss Telecom Company

Avoiding burnout and starting new life

As you know, because of the immense pressure I was under in my job, I was moving straight into a burnout. Or at least that is how it felt, and I didn't know how to continue with my business. I no longer had the strength to run it. And selling a small enginieering business with mandates still in progress, is not easy, people advised me not to do so. 

I meditated regularly in the evenings with your motivaional CD, and I also took it with me on holiday to Egypt. Towards the end of my short holiday, I found the strength and motivation to get up and do something about my unbearable situation. I saw what I had to do crystal clear, like two tracks in front of me. All that was left for me to do, was go in that direction.   

In short, I now knew how I was going to sell my company, and during this holiday I prepared first draft contracts. Only a few months later, my company, with its 2 distinct areas of expertise, was sold to 2 companies. In the summer, everything was behind me, and I was free to start planning a trip around the world. Only shortly afterwards I left!

I'm convinced that your motivational CD really supported me in this process and helped me to see how my life was to continue. It gave me the courage to take the necessary steps.

Your voice is very pleasant, the music purls along gently, ideal for meditaing and just the way I like it.  

I can only recommend such a motivational recording. Thanks again so much! 

Roberto, Swiss engineer and CEO