About me

Tessa Richter

Growing up in different cultures with three languages - English, German and French- I became a wanderer between worlds early on. As a teenager, I found a kind of inner home in classical music, getting "high" on music and going into trance when practicing. These fulfilling experiences led me to become a professional musician. During my international career as a performer and teacher,which began in Boston,  I soon learned that performing at this level came with a price. I discovered new ways to get into the state of flow while performing at that top level. 

On my return to Switzerland, I continued this journey inward, looking for new ways to connect to that inner pulse, wanting to find more of what was truly me. I found a totally new world with equally intense experiences through expressing my very own creativity in visual arts. This led to my second career as a professional artist, with exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad. 

Having achieved what I had set out to do in music originally, I stopped performing, and began exploring ways to improvise/compose my own music. This  eventually led to my publishing 3 CDs with my own music, incorporating classical, meditative, trance and ethnic elements. This music is a new genre, an entirely new kind of music, which creates a state of coherence and enables healing.

Parallel to my artistic careers, the pain I was experiencing as a result of several accidents I had as a teenager, launched my quest for inspiration, spirit, meaning and healing in a modern world. This took me to India, Nepal and the Native Americans, where I experienced how culture and cult are linked together, as well as culture and healing.

The inward travels I began in Boston had led me to explore modern mystical experiences through meditation, shamanistic trance, self-hynosis and body work. I now discovered modern physics as a basis to connect the spiritual East with the rational, technically oriented West. Further research into the cult element of art and music in prehistoric and ancient times, paved the way for my own explorations of the profound effect they have on our bodies and minds. They can be used for healing, to induce other states of consciousness, and help us perform on a high level, as well as activate dormant potential.

Many years later, I actually found a way of measuring the effect of my own paintings have on people and our environment through biogemetry - the "science of using the energy principles of shape to qualitatively balance biological energy systems and harmonize their interactions with the environment".  My paintings were tested to have the same high level of positive energy as physical places of power. You could say that looking at my paintings, and certain types of art, has the same beneficial effect as going to places of power in nature, where there are laylines and the energy is measurably higher.

With all of my new adventures, researching and composing, I needed to build a solid income before being able to use the results and benefits commercially. In 2002 I was able to use my languages to build a first business for an entirely new clientele, for business people, which then lead to spouse coaching for x-pats, helping them find a meaningful pursuit, and finally to being asked to become a consultant for career and executive coaching at OTP. I have since been working with C-level executives and highly trained specialists, as well as helping artists get to the next level or young adults ralize an artistic project in a special scholarship program.

My experience working with professionals in crises, as well as my own healing from major and minor illnesses, have led me to see the strong correlation between living one's purpose, health and top performance. In my business INNERPULSE I have created programs for companies and individuals to helpnavigate any challenge, major life change or health isuues, by uncovering secret potential.

I'm a tree hugger and enjoy swimming in lakes as soon as the sun comes out.


Listen to my music and have a look at my paintings and sculptures

Read more about my journey and my insights in my book "The Intelligence of the Universe in a Coffee Cup"



Music Teaching Diploma SMPV Basel
Master of Arts, Boston University, Fulbright Scholarship
Elected Member of Pi Kappa Lambda, Music Honour Society USA
Internal Career Coach training at OTP 
Certified by Career Partners International
Certified trainer and coach for Leaders empowered 
GPI certified training for applied coaching
Heartmath facilitator
Courses in self-hypnosis: autogenic training and alpha training