INNERPULSE Team building and events

Is your team having problems because you're not all on the same wavelength?
Would you like to connect each member to the team spirit?

Just as music with its beautiful melodies, catchy rhythms and harmonies is held together by its inner pulse, so is a team working together. The individual pulse of the group members needs to be connected to the team spirit, or the inner pulse of the group, in order to create meaning for everyone.

This connection enables cooperation on many levels, an awareness of the larger picture, as well as an appreciation for each indivdual's role as a vital and necessary part of the functioning whole. 

INNERPULSE  programs connect the inner pulse of the invidual to the inner pulse of the team. We offer a wholistic approach, centred on artistic creation, such as painting and writing, as well as music for rhythm and pulse. The spirit/mindset is explored through visions and imagery. And focusing on positive emotions, such as gratitude, opens up new fields of togetherness and synergy.


  • Improved team spirit
  • A greater level of fulfillment for each team member
  • Success in the team's projects
  • Reaching full potential to perform on a higher level



INNERPULSE  programs are customized group events, processes and courses, according to your teams' needs, focusing on that aspect, which you wish to develop, cultivate or enhance:

  • Joining up of teams
  • Friction or stress in your team
  • Changes in the team
  • Conflicts with the team leader
  • Quality management or
  • Reorientation/restructuring.
  • or simply a fun and an unconventional event

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