Career Coaching

Find work that satisfies you and your finances, gives your life a sense of purpose and offers perspective, based on understanding yourself and expressing who you are. Together we will design the next steps in your career.

Besides using established career counselling approaches, e.g. assessments, analysis of your potential and reflection, we will also use unconventional tools to activate more of your potential, as well as mindset techniques such as used by top performers and athletes, which were developed during my career as an international performing musician.  

We will provide the space to answer these questions:

  • what you enjoy and what you are passionate about
  • your transferable skills and true strengths and how to market them
  • your values and what really matters to you
  • what you want and how best to achieve it
  • the options available and how to evaluate them

and empower you to find the position, type of work and environment that is right for you!

You will also receive all the necessary practical support with your CV, cover letter, interview skills, networking etc.


My experiences of successfully changing careers (both as a freelancer and as an employee) in the USA and Switzerland, have been the basis for my successful career coaching since 2010. My international background enables me to coach comfortably in German, Swiss German, English and French.

I have been working with OTP - Your Partner for Change in coaching business people, including skilled professionals, managers, bankers and C-level executives, as well as artists, musicians, writers and other creatives.

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This was by far my hardest set of job interviews. I had approximately 25 interviews over the course of 4 months. The start point was my CV. Thanks to you for making this a superb version.

CFO of an international insurance company


Thanks to the coaching with Ms Richter, I was confident and successful at a customer's event, and I was excellently prepared .

IT-Auditor/Project Manager of a Swiss Telecom Company


After our first coaching session I was able to breathe freely for the first time in months.

Sales director after burnout