Your secret potential


We often fail in our creative projects because we don’t understand the basics about creative processes. These include knowing who we are, how we best create, as much as our shortcomings, possible obstacles, and what really matters in our lives. If we learn to love the unique instrument of creation that we are, we can use it to create what matters to us.


Workshop 1a

This workshop introduces these essentials, focusing on knowing yourself, uncovering some of your hidden potential and enabling your next step in creating what matters. Being creative has a way of bringing forth our best and our worst. In this case it is important to embrace both aspects of yourself, and learn to utilize even those aspects you consider to be useless or you want to hide. Loving who you are accesses your full potential and in turn helps you create what matters.                                                                                

Workshop 1b

You are a unique instrument of creation. Uncovering more of your secret potential, by looking at what your environment reflects back at you, both in the positive and the more challenging aspects. Freeing up this energy, is freeing yourself up to be who you really are. You feel better, you're more motivated and there's more energy for what matters to you.

Workshop 1c

The power of images and visions in the creative process. When we imagine somthing we give the universe information on what it is we want. We can learn to focus on what we truly want and not re-imagine our fears.


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