Releasing your creation into the world

This process is much like parenting: after birthing and raising your creation into a „grown-up“, it's time to let it go out into the world, and find its place. Like children, there will be some who still need your full attention and financial support, while others are ready to earn their own money or do voluntary work.

In a practical sense it will be about marketing and presenting. On a more basic level, it's learning about the concept of „the field“ . Through the field, in modern quantum physics, everything and every being is interconnected.


Workshop 3a

Based on knowing who you are and having created what matters, you’re ready to share your work, your service, your message with the world. During the course of the next months you will take next steps and gain important experiences of what works and how it works for you.

What is your story to share with the world? What kind of marketing person are you: the self-starter, one that uses other peoples‘ tools, or professional help? How do you like to present yourself? Online, in a personal setting, in shops and agencies? In front of a select physical audience? What kind of communicator are you? How do you best connect with other people?

No matter whether you want to market yourself alone, within an existing network or community, or together with one or two selected partners, you need to have your marketing material ready to go: description of your product and how others stand to gain from it(materially, mentally or emotionally), pricing, your story and possibly a logo/colors/images to go with it. 

Workshop 3b

Connecting to the field.The second day will cover co-creating with the world around you to bring your creation to the world. Timing and synchronicity will be important aspects of this process, as you'll discover, as well as networking. Learn to listen to the pulse of life around you, sensing the right time to move.

Workshop 3c

Going into sacred spaces. Stepping into the void and letting the cycle return.


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