Co-creating with life


These workshops are an introduction to what I've discovered in more than 40 years of being a proefessional creative, in the music and the arts industry: the co-creating approach.

Co-creating is about creating with life as it is now, with our current circumstances and resources. It also entails connecting withunviersal intelligence, the material you're working with, or the spirit of the project you're involved in.

You begin to see yourself as one part of the creation process,not the sole creator, rather a partner to other creative forces in your life: time, circumstances, life, people, resources...


Workshop 2a

When we start to co-create with life as it is, not waiting for it to be perfect, we can actually accomplish a lot more than we may believe possible. Trusting life, takes away a lot of stress and energy thait is spent on resisting and resenting, as well as trying to change things that cannot be changed. Instead, we can begin to create within our given framework.

And once we take the first steps, the universe, the world around us, can follow. It’s almost as if we had to demonstrate that we are serious about something, and then our environment can tune in and support us.

Workshop 2b

Co-creating is inviting the unknown into your creative process. We perceive this unknown element with our three brains, by receiving inspiration, insights and impulses. Get support for acting on your gut ffeling, to find inspiration for when you're stuck, and to seeing the larger picture.

Workshop 2c 

True magic happemns when inner and outer pulse come together. When we co-crate with life, real magic happens, things fall into place miraculously in ways we never could have imagined in our wildest dreams.


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