Create what matters


Would you like to use more of your creative potential?
To create something that has meaning for you?



Getting your creative juices to flow, together with learning and applying some simple concepts, will enable you to create what you never deemed possible.

It's like flying to the moon. You will get support to go for what really matters to you, and not to give up before you get there, co-operating with your life as it is, and resources that are available at the present moment.

Together, we will observe and recognize when you've made major progress, even when it comes in a totally different form from what you expected when you set out.

You will learn to trust yourself and the process, as much as life itself, to take you to your personal moon - and perhaps beyond. 


Training and tailored individual coaching



Based on OUR 3 ESSENTIALS : know yourself – love who you are - create what matters

you will learn about THE CONCEPTS of

  • the cycle of creation
  • creating is stepping into the unknown
  • becoming the instrument of creation you are meant to be
  • co-creating : the modern way to create, from I to WE

using these RESOURCES and TOOLS

  • artistic expression
  • keeping a diary
  • guided inner journeys
  • sacred places
  • finding inspiration
  • and what works for you, to then apply in your life.

Knowing yourself and loving who you are will be the channel through which you can allow the universe to co-create with you in your life as it is.

Whether creating what matters for you is finding your own voice in your artistic endeavours, changing careers or creating your very own approach to leading a healthy/meaningful life, you will learn the necessary skills, get the tools and the support to do so.


1-3 Your secret potential

4-6 Co-creating with life

7-9 Releasing your creation into the world

10 3 Follow-ups

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