Leadership empowered


Every person is unique! Our training empowers people in leadership positions:
to recognize themselves as the key in resolving challenges and in contributing in creating better working relationships, as well as being instrumental in implementing their company's vision through their own strong leadership.


We have developed a Leaders Empowered program in order that:

  • development processes and working relationships within companies may be enhanced and moulded by strong leaders.
  • the exceptional personality of individuals in leadership roles may be encouraged to flourish and grow.
  • all employees can be fully supported in their diversity, encouraging a wholehearted commitment to the tasks at hand.
  • working relationships and the challenges encountered may be recognized as a potentially rich ressource for strengthening personal competence.
  • companies can develop a culture in which everybody involved feels well, is healthy and can unfold their full potential.


For individuals and groups. Please contact me for details.


When I am in my piano classes it always surprises me how much the coaching principles you apply to learning an instrument are applicable to other aspects of life - and even business.
People who master an instrument or a sport at professional level know more than anyone what are the key aspects of training that will make you successful - and the psychology behind it. It is not only about how much effort you put into it but above all how you do it:
-Hours of practice are essential- but they mean nothing unless you have a clear method
having a systematic routine will help it sink in
Moreover, even the best need a regular coach - someone who follows them continuously and brings an outside perspective
But also other aspects, such as always keeping the end in mind - a pianist does not play the notes by chance, but knows exactly what he likes his music to sound like even before touching the keys, and make their way towards it
And in the end, even if we all follow the same method, we will all give it our own personal touch by bringing on our own human nature

Leonor, from Portugal, engineer